On the other side of the rainbow

  • Let’s start a Polish

    There is a country in the middle of Europe where
    your sexuality can make you an enemy of the state.
    Where homophobic rhetoric is uttered by the
    government and preached in churches.
    This is Poland.

  • Equality and diversity
    for everyone, not just some

    Poland was ranked the worst country
    in the European Union for LGBTQ rights.

  • Make it monthly!

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    LGBTQ+ equality by contributing
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The Equaversity Foundation was established to organise international fundraising to support the LGBT+ community in Central and Eastern Europe.


  • How will the money
    be allocated and
    who is eligible

    The process of selection of grant recipients will be held on a competitive basis. Our beneficiaries will present their projects and our board members will hold a vote to determine which projects will be supported. We would love to fund every project we can, however, we are determined to commit our funds where they would have the greatest impact.

  • We hope to support
    among others

    The collected funds will be passed on, in the form of grants, to other non-profit organisations or initiatives from all over Central and Eastern Europe. We hope to support among others:

    Campaign Against Homophobia

    Campaign Against Homophobia leading numerous initiatives working against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law

    Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law providing expert legal assistance in cases of discrimination.

    For a Change Fund

    For a Change Fund supporting local communities and their allies. Lawyers LGBT+ Initiative.

    Love Does Not Exclude

    Love Does Not Exclude fighting for an introduction to Polish law of a clause guaranteeing complete marriage equality. This is coupled with a sister initiative Law doesn’t Exclude (Prawo nie Wyklucza) focused on providing legal representation for the LGBT+ Community.

    Trans-fusion Foundation

    Trans-fusion Foundation fighting for trans rights in Poland.


  • Agnieszka Holland

  • Olga Tokarczuk

  • Kasia Adamik

  • Anja Rubik

  • Mary Komasa

  • Antoni Porowski

  • Agnieszka Holland

    The Oscar-nominated Polish film and television director and screenwriter.

    Read more
  • Olga Tokarczuk

    The most critically-acclaimed and commercially successful Polish writer, activist and public intellectual. Awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature.

    Read more
  • Kasia Adamik

    Polish film director, visual arts artist and storyboard artist.

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  • Anja Rubik

    Polish-born supermodel, activist, philanthropist and creative.

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  • Mary Komasa

    Polish singer, composer, songwriter and an instrumentalist.

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  • Antoni Porowski

    Polish-Canadian actor, chef, model, and television personality. New York Times Bestselling Author and star of Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye.

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